VG Meats

VG Mevgmeatsats is a local family-owned business of third generation cattle farmers and butchers. With four brothers running the company, each has a special role to play in creating delicious, local beef that always performs on the plate. From raising our cattle, to our butchering operation, from our stores, to the science behind our product, VG Meats is a family business from the ground up. We believe that being involved at every level, and ensuring integrated and thoughtful practices in the way we raise and process our cattle, is what ensures that our beef will perform on the plate every time.

It all starts with tenderness on the farm. On our own farms and in collaboration with other like-minded farms in Ontario, we operate on the principle of being able to see every cow each and every day. A smaller herd, means higher care for our cows and this is where we begin tracing the birth, feed and farm information of each animal.

When the cattle are sent to the plant, we then tenderness test every single cow. We measure tenderness on a scale and if a cow doesn’t pass the test, we don’t sell any of it as steak. At this point in the process, each cow is fully traceable to the farm and each cut of beef will be associated with its very own tenderness score. When you see our meat in stores, you can use our Meat Mentor app to learn all about the cut you are going to eat, before you even decide what sides you want to serve with tonight’s steak.

Through traceability, ingenuity, tenderness and a belief in ethical, high care treatment for our animals, our farms and our company, we are proud to be a part of family dinners across Ontario.

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