Schinkel’s Legacy

Schinkel's LegacyTim Schinkel’s father and uncle opened their first butcher shop in Essex in 1963. Thirty years later, in 1993, Tim took a small processing operation in the back of the family’s Chatham store and turned it into a thriving business – Schinkel’s Legacy. With a focus on quality, learned from his father and uncle, Schinkel’s quickly won over customers’ hearts and stomachs.

It comes as no surprise to those familiar with Tim that his products consistently win awards. At the 2011 Ontario Finest Meat Competition Schinkel’s Legacy products took home a total of seven awards. The awards included Platinum each for Ball Park Wieners and Turkey Kielbossa; Gold for his Smoked Back Bacon; and four Silver awards for his Smoked Turkey Breast, Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Football Ham and Black Forest Ham.

Schinkel’s Legacy sources fresh beef, pork and poultry from local farmers who share his commitment to high standards and who spend a little extra time and effort to get a consistently high-quality product.

As part of that commitment to quality Schinkel’s Legacy uses hardwood smoke instead of smoke flavour, does not use MSG or meat by-products, and puts a strong emphasis on food safety.

The small processing operation opened in 1993 is now a custom-built 7,500 square foot plant that provides processed meat and poultry products to independent stores in Ontario.


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