Keys to a Grey Cup Extravaganza

With the food taken care of, here are some tips for throwing a Grey Cup party sure to score a touchdown with your guests: 

  1. Send out fun football themed invites/e-vites a few weeks before the event. Allow your guests to make some friendly bets.
  2. Buy disposable everything. From table cloths to plates, party stores carry an assortment of recyclable flatware and utensils. Pick items to match team colours. The goal is to spend more time watching the game, and less time doing dishes.
  3. To go with the matching plates and cups, have your guests come dressed in their team colours/jerseys.
  4. To blow off some steam at half-time  and to give you time to assemble your Steak Sandwiches, give your guests the option of heading out to the backyard to toss around a football. For added fun, have your guests take part in a CFL Grey Cup trivia game and award the winner with a football themed prize.
  5. Serve the food and beverages tailgate style by storing cold drinks in a cooler instead of a fridge. You can even wrap your Steak Sandwiches in foil before serving.
  6. At the end of the game, present the person with the most team spirit with a gag prize.