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Adventures in Grilling

Homegrown Ontario’s resident grilling expert David Zimmer knows his way around a barbecue. Known for serving up succulent pork ribs, savoury lamb burgers, mouth-watering veal chops and tender turkey breast, Dave has put together his tips for creating fool-proof meals on the grill. “The single most important thing for a griller to understand is the difference between direct and indirect … Continue reading

Celebrate the Fall Harvest

Wine and Cheese Begin your evening with a wine and cheese course. Serve a selection of Ontario cheeses and fall fruits like apples, grapes and pears with a charcuterie plate of Ontario kielbasa, prosciutto and pancetta. Entrée Leeks, celery, apples and mushrooms are all in abundance this time of year. Take advantage of these fresh ingredients in our  Stuffed Pork Loin . Easy … Continue reading

CFL Grey Cup Facts

In 1909, the Grey Cup was donated by Governor General Albert Henry George Grey, the fourth Earl Grey, to recognize the top amateur rugby football team. The Grey Cup has since become the property of the Canadian Football League as it evolved into the professional football league it is today. Amateur teams stopped competing for the Cup by 1954; since … Continue reading

Fast Weeknight Meals

After a long day of work, the thought of preparing a healthy homemade meal can seem daunting. Calling for take-out or delivery may seem like a simple solution, but when you factor in cost, nutrition, value and at least a 40-minute wait for your meal to arrive it doesn’t seem so appealing after all. The next time you’re in a … Continue reading

Guide to Great Roasting

For some cooks, roasting large cuts of meat might seem a bit intimidating. The fact is, roasting large cuts for a sumptuous family dinner is the ultimate “set it and forget it” way to prepare a fabulous feast. All it requires from the cook is a few minutes of preparation and the oven does the rest. Let our comprehensive roasting … Continue reading

Keys to a Grey Cup Extravaganza

With the food taken care of, here are some tips for throwing a Grey Cup party sure to score a touchdown with your guests:  Send out fun football themed invites/e-vites a few weeks before the event. Allow your guests to make some friendly bets. Buy disposable everything. From table cloths to plates, party stores carry an assortment of recyclable flatware … Continue reading

New Guide to Frugal Shopping

Economical cuts of meat are also some of the most flavourful. Check out our list of inexpensive cuts and quick tips on how best to prepare them. Pork: Shoulder and rib cuts yield enormous amounts of flavour and are perfect for braising. Hocks and shanks are also quite inexpensive and are great for stocks. Veal: Shoulder cuts of veal are … Continue reading

Turkey Roasting 101

Preparing your bird for Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to be a daunting ordeal. We’ve teamed up with the Turkey Farmers of Ontario to provide you with an easy-to-follow guide to turkey roasting. From thawing to cleaning, storing to stuffing we’ve got you covered in all things turkey. Size Storage Thawing Cleaning Stuffing Roasting Gravy What size turkey should you buy? Knowing what size bird to buy is the first step in … Continue reading