Barilo’s Fine Sausages

Barilo's Fine SausagesIt’s a family-owned and operated business with roots that go back to the Ukraine in the late 60’s when Nikolay Barilo graduated with a Diploma in Meat Processing Industry. Later on he also completed a Master’s Degree in Food Machinery. He went on to work in the largest meat processing plant in the country, eventually managing 400 workers responsible for producing sausages and meat products.

In the 90’s, Nikolay, along with his wife Ida, opened a deli. They operated it for close to 10 years before deciding to join their son Alex, an engineer, and his wife and daughter in Canada in 2000. Alex’s brother Edward joined them shortly after. It wasn’t long after arriving that the family discovered that the sausages and deli meats that they loved from back home were not readily available here so they decided to tap into a niche market by producing authentic and traditional recipe Eastern European deli meats and poultry.

In 2005, after much research and developing a business plan, the family opened a small facility in Mississauga and, in the beginning, often worked late into the night, sometimes sleeping at the plant, to keep things going. The hard work paid off.

Just recently Barilo’s moved into a new facility in Newmarket that was custom-designed to ensure optimal food safety and premium products.

Barilo’s creates top quality products using natural ingredients and avoiding allergens. Even the smoke is from real wood chips – something you generally don’t get with the larger manufacturers.

While the majority of the products they make are based on traditional Eastern European recipes and tastes recently Barilo’s entered a Turkey Pastrami in the 2011 Ontario Finest Meat Competition and took home the Gold in the Poultry Deli Roast Category. They also have been awarded a silver medal for their Cervelat salami in 2009 in the Cold Cuts category.